Hints for buying a puppy/dog

Always buy from a reputable breeder, check with your local kennel club or veterinarian for a list of breeders. Note:Buying from a pet store is, in many cases, the same as buying from a puppy mill.

Don't expect to buy a puppy less than 8 weeks old and for Yorkshire Terriers, less than 12 weeks old. This time is crucial to the puppy's development.

Always! Always get a written contract.  Go see a sample contract.

Have your new puppy checked out by your veterinarian immediately. The seller should give you, at a minimum, a 48 hour return/refund period, no questions asked.

Reputable breeders should spend time with you, answering your questions and explaining how to care for your new family member. You should receive written instructions on care, feeding and grooming, as well as, a list of supplies you should have on hand.

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