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Call Missy after 2:30pm on cell: 770-298-8300


Sold, ___________________________________________________ AKC# ______________



Phone: _________________ Amount: __________________ Non Refundable Deposit:___________


Breed: YORKSHIRE TERRIER Whelped: ________________ SEX: M F Color: Blue & Gold

Sire: _____________________________________________________________________

Dam: _____________________________________________________________________

Breeder: Ava Tyree

Pickup date:_______________________________ Time: _____________________am/pm

Please have your new dog examined by your veterinarian within 48 hours of pickup. Buyer has two weeks to decide if this dog is suitable for them, if not, dog must be returned in the same condition it left in for a full refund.

____PET QUALITY – This classification describes an AKC registered breed, which is purchased strictly for a loving pet and not guaranteed for any other use. AKC papers will be delivered to the new owner when Seller receives proof that this dog has been neutered or spayed. Dog is guaranteed against life threatening hereditary and congenital problems for 1 year. If a life threatening hereditary or congenital problem should occur, as diagnosed by the buyer's vet and the seller's vet, the buyer will keep the dog and seller will give the buyer a replacement dog.

Buyer agrees that this dog will be returned to seller if buyer can no longer care for the dog or no longer wants the dog. Seller agrees to place dog and give proceeds, if any, to buyer.

If Buyer leaves a deposit and does not pick up dog on pickup date then buyer agrees to pay $14/night from the pickup date until they get the dog up to 7 nights after which time the contract is null and void and the deposit is forfeit.

Seller: ___________________________ Buyer: _________________________________